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Orchestra at Neighborhood Church

Our 2018/2019 season was a marvelous success!  We've grown the orchestra a bit, and, more importantly, our audience has grown.  We've received accolades and are now putting together our 2019/2020 season beginning on December 1st, with March 29, May 31 to fill out the season at the Center for the Arts.  Save the dates!!

We are looking forward to seeing you all at our concerts!

Concert information past & present

Past concerts, flyers and programs

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Get Involved!
Of course we want you to come to our concerts!  If you are also interested in becoming more involved; like playing an instrument or helping us prepare for concerts in the community, we'd love to hear from you.  Click <here> and we can look at ways in which you too, can support the orchestra and become more involved!

Player Resources

Rehearsal schedules, music downloads, and article resources for members of the orchestra.

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The Castro Valley Orchestra

The Castro Valley Orchestra is a class of the Castro Valley Adult School and operates as a regional/community orchestra.  Its members come from the entire Bay Area, and come together out of their love for music and to share their talents and passions in music.


The Castro Valley Orchestra Association (CVOA) has been created to manage and support the orchestra's operations.  It is a California non-profit (501(c)3).

Next Steps...

If you are a medium to an advanced level musician or are interested in supporting our goals in bringing great music to the area, check out some ideas by clicking the button to the right, or by contacting us via the information on our contact page.